Logical thinking - or Coincidence?

We are very skeptical investigators who employ scientific methods in our experiments.  There are a lot of myths and urban legends that we've uncovered in our research, as well as characteristics of the spirit world that many so-called Ghost Hunters don't understand.  Did you know that most buildings are filled with spirits?  It's exceptionally rare that there are only one or two spirits inside. Catholic exorcists call them a "gang" of spirits. A spirit isn't sitting quietly on the other side waiting to answer your questions.   Spirits do NOT use electricity or drain batteries to help them manifest.  There are far fewer portals than people think.  Portals are difficult to construct and they take a team of spirits to put one together.  If an Orb disappears, chances are they just shifted frequency and did NOT enter a portal.  Smiley faces in Orbs are the result of pareidolia.  Some spirits can see you no matter where you are in the building, others can only see you in the room they are in while others can only see you when you stand in front of a mirror. There is no concept of space or time in the spirit world.  Spirits are under strict rules not to be filmed under any circumstances.  Most apparitions are not a spirit at all but rather a hologram created by spirits to fool humans and frighten them away.  The idea of a Residual Haunting, an event playing over and over like a tape recorder is a complete myth-everything that happens has an intelligence behind it.  EMF detectors are not an effective way to detect spirits as spirits can control whether or not the EMF meter reacts to their presence.  Base Line readings of any device used in paranormal research are pointless.  Ouija boards are not a myth - they are dangerous!

When watching paranormal videos on YouTube, you should also maintain a reasonably skeptical attitude as you’ll find a lot of conclusions that are poorly thought out and illogical. Using confirmation bias, the tendency to mold any results to fit their beliefs, the mere fact that they succeeded in catching spirit communications proves their methods work regardless of other, more logical reasons. Take for example someone using a spirit box. Say they used the spirit box on the FM frequency for a little while and just didn’t get any results. Then they switched to the a.m. channel and suddenly spirit voices started coming through. In virtually every case that person was convinced that a.m. was the right frequency to be on.  But there’s always another more logical and simpler explanation. When the box was sweeping on F.M. the spirits were not talking.  It’s that simple. The spirits hadn’t started talking until after they switched to a.m. so the change was just a coincidence.  Maybe the ghost hunter wasn’t noticed by the spirits at first but after calling out while sweeping f.m. it got their attention.  Why wouldn’t the spirits notice them right away?  This is another very common misconception, people believe the spirit world is just as calm and quiet as our world, that perhaps there are only one or two spirits in the room.   The truth is the spirit world is very crowded and hectic, probably like Grand Central Terminal during rush hour.  Spirits aren’t just sitting around waiting for you to ask them a question. And there’s never just one spirit in the building.

The logic gets worse when the ghost hunter changes several variables at the same time.  Let’s say that not only does he switch to a.m. but he changes the sweep rate at the same time—it’s impossible to know which one of the three variables caused the results-the switch to a.m., the change in the sweep rate or the spirits just weren’t talking at first. Of course, they should stay on the a.m. channel because that’s getting results,  it’s just the reason it worked is wrong.  So when that person starts their next session sweeping right away on a.m. and once again they get results this reinforces their belief that a.m. is the right frequency. When in fact it’s because they developed confidence in a.m. and it’s their improved psi ability from that confidence that’s actually getting the results, not the choice of modulation.

Spirit communication can happen under the most difficult circumstances. My grandfather used to say: “In the winter even a blind dog can sometimes find a warm patch of concrete.“  Ghost Hunters use the fact that they captured anything at all as proof their theories are correct. But spirit communication can happen in spite of what the ghost hunter is doing.  It gets incorrectly attributed to their ineffectual methods. Can you fill a swimming pool with a teaspoon?  Of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s an effective method of doing so. There are countless examples of crisp, vivid spirit communications that are so clear they sound like two people sitting in the same place. Yet today people continuously try to reinvent the wheel using ridiculous methods that yield poor results.  Why?  The only explanation I have is that they don’t want to invest the time & effort into what is the most important component—developing their psi ability. They want an easy, quick fix. They want to be able to just pick up the phone and talk to a spirit.

The truth is the spirits don’t like sweeping radios—at all. There’s ample documentation that the spirits have told scientists in the past to pick a frequency and stick there—it makes it easier for them to sync up with it. When the frequency is constantly changing it makes communication much more difficult for them. What really helps spirits is using any electronic device that has an amplifier circuit in it. In the Scole experiments, they used a simple cassette tape recorder that had its microphone removed. They set it on the table and started recording.  Spirits were able to use the silicon chips in the amplifier circuit to amplify their thought waves and the results are shockingly clear. It’s obvious that developing your own psi ability is far more important than any gimmick.

Another example of illogical thinking is in the review I just posted about the Ghost Asylum investigation.  They put a flashlight on the window ledge and said they were investigating a tale of a horrible murder that happened. They asked the spirit do you know anything about it? The flashlight came on and the boys got all excited. Then for whatever reason, they didn’t go any farther with their investigation of the murder, but rather they said “give us a sign of your presence. After a while, the light turned back off and they were happy and left.  They abandoned the investigation content with having proven spirit contact.  When you were watching this, did you go along with the boys and believe that the flashlight coming on was a sign of the presence of a spirit?

Could the guys have asked a lot of questions but only showed us when the light happened to have come on? Or maybe the whole thing was just a coincidence? Maybe that’s why they asked a second time for a sign, to confirm the first one was not just a coincidence.  Let’s assume for a moment that the light coming on really was a spirit communicating. The first question they asked was: “Do you know anything about the murder?” The light came on and the team believed they were on the right track. It never occurred to them that the spirit was simply lying, it really didn’t know anything about a murder.  Because, after all, the history was based on an urban legend and not based on fact.  People are too quick to believe anything from the spirit is the truth, when in fact it’s almost always a lie.  The best way to avoid confirmation bias is to enter a building without knowing anything about history.  If I find evidence of a particular person or event that I knew nothing about it becomes very compelling indeed to know someone else had previously learned the same information. But had I gone into the building knowing that information in advance I might have interpreted something wrong to fit the situation—Confirmation Bias.  Of course, knowing what to look for is also very valuable. So after the initial blind investigation, learn all about the history and conduct a second investigation. Review your original results to see if there’s anything there you missed.

One more point I want to mention that I’ll expand upon in another video is the theory of residual hauntings.   Whenever a ghost hunter cannot determine a valid reason for an event that happened they tend to write it off as a residual haunting.  These are events, often tragic events that allegedly play over and over like a broken record, there’s no intelligence behind it.  A good example is when an apparition appears but ignores the presence of the humans and walks across the room into a wall.  Absent of any other explanation they will jump to the conclusion it was a residual haunting.  But I could find no scientific basis for this in our world or the spirit world. If I could throw a ball across the room and it would keep going across that room forever that would be a perpetual motion machine.  Residual hauntings are almost always based upon eyewitness testimony and not several recordings that can be compared.  But for it to be truly a tape recording playing over and over if the woman had a torn sleeve in the first report she must have a torn sleeve in the second one.  However, there never are videos of the different events that can be compared to each other, until now.  I have four separate recordings of an event that at first glance appears to fit this idea of a residual haunting but upon further investigation, we realized it isn’t.  There is always an intelligence behind every event.  This will be the topic of my next video.

Spirits are often extremely frustrated at the simple-minded questions and commands the ghost hunter asks.  There is a well-documented history of spirits discussing with scientists properties of quantum physics, about constructing communication devices based on germanium crystals and improving the human’s psi ability to the point spirits can manifest tangible objects called apports right into the room.  But the ghost hunter usually dumbs down the conversation asking: “Can you turn this flashlight on?”  


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