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Sleep APP - Here is a list of the EVPs from just one night of the study.  Creepy!  We currently have over 25,000 EVPs and many hours of video from the study.

[A loud bang]
[A loud distorted EVP]
Are you moving?
Bring everybody
Bring the chair over here
Cause a reset
Certain words
Coming in [deep voice]
Did it?
Everybody gather round
Everybody - perfect
[my dog  precious cries]
Foo foo foo
he closes
He's drunk
I can't hit him
I know I can't help him
I like him
I'm ready
It's a dream
Keep going
Let him do it
[Loud bangs]
None of your business
[Precious cries]

[ lots of EVP's to be edited]

We have partnered with the House of Torment for an overnight Ghost Hunt inside the closed facility.  Contestants entered by sending an Instagram video about why we should pick them to join our team.  Winners will be announced soon.  We will start with a one hour workshop, then the doors get locked and the lights go out!

​Elizabeth will be leading the team this night as Robert is out with spinal surgery.


I.  Research

     a.  The History of Paranormal Research

     b.  The Spirit World - Its Rules & Regulations

     c.  Its Occupants, Their Names, & Their Duties

II.  Experiments

    a.NEW! Sleep Study EVPs

     b. Habituating Entities

     c. Evaluating New Gear

     d. Mirror Images Phenomena  MIP

     e. No Microphone EVP Recording

III.  Investigations

    a. Helping Clients at Home and Work

    b. Urban Exploring Abandoned Buildings

IV.  Publishing

    a.  Paranormal Investigation Lessons

    b.  Evidence of Paranormal Activity

    c.  "The Haunted Lakehouse" book & screenplay

V.  Training

    a.  Training workshops 

    b.  Supervised  "Ghost Hunts"

Here's a great example.  The popular Ghost Hunting shows have said the same thing for years regarding “draining batteries.”  The legend was that spirits need energyto help them manifest, so they drain electricity from batteries and other electronics and use that energy.   Most paranormal channels on YouTube repeat this false claim until it is universally accepted by the majority of sites.

  But I could find NO evidence to prove that ghosts manifest this way.

In many cases where scientists were in communication with discarnate entities, the scientists were told that the entities use a form of energy that our scientists have not yet discovered.  In other recordings the spirits said that they use the energy they bring with them, the energy they find in the natural earth and rock formations, bodies of water, and the energy from human beings themselves.  A spirit's energy is similar to but not exactly the same as electricity.    In another body of work, the spirits said that they have absolutely no use for our electricity, that it vibrates too slowly. (1.) In my Haunted Lake House, I managed to record several incidents of spirits planning an attack on my gear.  The reason is that they are under strict orders to NOT be videotaped under any circumstance.  EVP after EVP has the bosses yelling at everyone to “HIDE” when I come in the room and they announce loudly any camera equipment I am carrying.  They then discuss how to disarm it.  In every case, the best way is to drain the batteries.  So they have discussed this attack very directly and not once in five years has there been even one EVP referring to them needing to use that energy.  The reason is to kill the recording.  It is very popular for gear to be messed up, but the conclusions these ghostbusters draw in paranormal work is often quite wrong.

(1)From: Hans Bender FEG (Felix Experimental Group) Session 3, 25 August 2013 Séance
We are sometimes asked what makes a good medium and usually, we like to answer two things. First, what is the meaning you are usually expecting? This is what he or she wants. Getting knowledge from a higher organized plane of existence; maybe the plane you call the afterlife or the spiritual plane? The problem is that we on other organized lands cannot directly communicate with you. We must grade down [our energy] to do that, but we can communicate with you.

As seen on the Travel Channel's new series Strange World

Sleep Study - They Watch Me Sleep

Our Work is divided into these sections

We follow this general flowchart for conducting paranormal investigations (ghost hunt) of Haunted sites.  We never add anything artificially to the evidence, such as reverb and echo.  Those are the signs of a paranormal entertainer and not of a scientist.     

The problem is that we are talking about the level from which psychic structures emerge. It has to do with the problem that a higher organized reality and a parallel-organized physical plane can’t be described with the terminology of your plane. That means every idea you make about the prefield [etheric energy field representing the physical?], every image you make for the pre-field, even if it is an image of the afterlife; these are earthly images. These are earthly ideas. They follow the laws of psychical structure. You are hindering yourself by projecting such ideas within your mediumistic world. You will only receive what you project when you project these physical ideas into where you want to get higher organized information this can happen.

So, get rid of those ideas and open yourself freely and be ready to receive what valuable information might come from these planes and don’t follow institutionalized dogma as long as you want to evolve personally. If you want to be part of an institutionalized church, yes then follow their dogma. If you want to evolve, then open your mind. Forget everything that was told to you. Make yourself empty. Make yourself a vessel so that whatever might come from there will be of value. So, get rid of all these earthly ideas. They cannot fit a higher organized plane of existence. They can never be described in earthly terms.

The second thing we like to answer is [to say] what the medium is actually learning when he encounters the cornucopia of creation that is in the different lands of existence. He becomes humble, humble towards creation, humble towards every creature of creation.

When people ask me what shall I be, a Spiritualist or a Buddhist, we tell him, it makes no matter if you are a Spiritualist or a Buddhist. Just be a good man. Just be a good person. Don’t be involved in politics or these different belief systems. Only gain true compassion between men. Make yourself a free spirit with true compassion because the true compassion gives you the key of (sic) happiness on the plane you are living on. True compassion; just be a good man.

This is my message.  

There are a lot of myths and urban legends passed around in the Paranormal world that people take for granted.  Myths that have no proof, no basis in fact.