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​​Austin Paranormal Research is an Evidence-Guided, Police Science-Based Paranormal Research company.  Our Investigations follow Scientific Methods developed through transferable skills from Criminology - we conduct background research, establish baselines, define controls, apply generally accepted practices (from Police Science, not the Paranormal) & observe then document with metrics that are specific, measurable, attainable, & relevant. Discarnate entities ostensibly function outside our space/time dimension, therefore our physics models do not apply so we must keep an open mind using common sense and good judgment.

We conducted a three year study of an abandoned Lakehouse that was filled with unknown, and quite noisy entities.  After studying Dian Fossey's work habituating Mountain Gorillas, I wondered if I could habituate these entities.  I know they aren't Mountain Gorillas, and they exist in a dimension I don't understand, but I conducted the experiment anyway to see what would happen.  I had a certain amount of measurable success.  The EVPs captured at first were disjointed, and most often didn't make sense.  I went every other Monday morning at 3am for three years and walked the property simply recording everything I saw and heard.  I didn't try to contact the entities for the most part.  After about a year, they began to converse openly with each other.  I've recorded over 20,000 EVPs of discarnate entities discussing all sorts of things together including threats to break my gear and kill me!

Our Mission

We hold ourselves to a standard that's higher than anyone else in the field. We conduct our own extensive research on the history of Paranormal Activity going back over 100 years since the first EVP was captured in 1901 on a Victrola wax cylinder recorder.  We cross reference that with our own intensive Paranormal Investigations.  As a former police detective, I ensure we follow strict scientific standards and are evidence-guided.  It is not Ghost Hunting. There are so many phony so-called paranormal investigators that you have to be very suspicious and careful what you believe.  We will give you the exact reference if asked, what book, what experiment, what page...?  Where did we get our evidence? We want you to know the truth!

With over 32 years of global criminal investigation experience, I retired and began a film career.  I've acted in features, and help indy filmmakers get their short subjects into film festivals.  Volunteering for the Austin School of Film, I work with people from teenagers to octogenarians!  

We love people and ghosts!

The highest integrity

Proud member: Society for Psychical Research London UK​

It's always about you

Simply put, our mission is devoted to you--to educate you with our paranormal investigations, provide advice for your own ghost hunts, and to help rid your home or office of pesky spirits.

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