Our Mission

We hold ourselves to a standard that's higher than anyone else in the industry.   We conduct our own extensive research on the history of paranormal research going back over 100 years since the first EVP was captured in 1901 on a Victrola wax cylinder recorder.  We cross reference that with our own intensive investigations.  As a former police detective I ensure we follow strict scientific standards, and are evidence guided.  There are so many phony so called paranormal investigators that you have to be very suspicious and careful what you believe.  We will give you the exact reference if asked, what book, what experiment, what page...?  Where did we get our evidence? We want you to know the truth!

It's always about you

Simply put, our mission is devoted to you--to entertain you with our paranormal investigations, provide advice for your own ghost hunts, and to help rid your home or office of pesky spirits.

About Us

Austin Paranormal Research

Paranormal Investigation 

With over 32 years of global criminal investigation experience, I retired and began a film career.  I've acted in features, and help indy filmmakers get their short subjects into film festivals.  Volunteering for the Austin School of Film, I work with people from teenagers to octogenarians!   When I discovered 

The highest integrity

that spirits, demons, and poltergeists are real it solidified my Christian faith.  For reasons not clear to us, we are to live our life entirely upon faith.  We walk by faith and not by sight. Angels won't leave messages on your recorder, but demons certainly will.  If there are demons, then there are angels.  If there is a devil, then there certainly is a God.  All our investigations are scientific & methodical but based on Christian principals.  If a spirit needs to be removed, then it will take the power given us from Heaven to make that happen.

One day I asked my son if he would like to go ghost hunting with me.  It was simply a way for me to spend time with my son.  I never dreamed I would actually find something.  And find something we did.  This abandoned lake house near Austin, Tx is absolutely the most haunted location in the world.  Hundreds and hundreds of entities are "living" in that house that has been abandoned for 15 years.  There is a haunted mirror in the basement that is a portal to another dimension where you can see the most amazing surreal imagery.  Faces upon faces, spaceships, aliens, strange structures, evil clowns, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, horses, ducks, serpents and more.  You simply have to see it to believe it.  We coined the phrase MIP ~ Mirror Images Phenomenon to give a name to the phenomenon. 

We love people and ghosts!

Proud member: Society for Psychical Research London UK