The Haunted Lake House  

The Haunted Mirror 


31st, 2001.  As you can see, the Christmas lights to this day are still strung on the structure.   Foliage has overgrown to completely hide the house from the road.​   I invited my adult son to go with me on a "ghost hunt" of the property one night.    The original recording is Season 1, Episode 1 and it was the most frightening experience of my life.  Knocking and thumping followed us everywhere, and when we checked the recorders we found all kinds of foul language - demons or evil spirits yelling at us to get out.  The most AMAZING thing was that this house was pristine, not anything broken, no vandalism, clean carpet, cedar paneling throughout.  All our episodes are on our  YouTube and Facebook channels, and you can also watch Episode 6 HERE:

At the end, a local handyman plumber "The House Doctor" had to sue the owners for plumbing work he did in the kitchen but never got paid for.  I tried to find the guy to see if maybe his life has been spiritually enhanced since working there!  No luck.

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images are on our Facebook page.   Every time we investigated the house we made sure to get shots of this mirror.  We used visible light with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, infrared light in total darkness, and FLIR thermal imaging.  There is something magical about mirrors that we have yet to crack the code on.  Somehow through some function of Quantum Mechanics we are able to see photons coming from another dimension.  Through Quantum Tunneling or by making an optical cavity in the space/time continuum we are able to see remarkable things.  The best way to understand our evidence is to watch our mirror episodes and our mirror photos on Facebook.  Here is a sample gallery where you can click on the image to enlarge it:

where the chef, Sharon Taylor, was coaxed out of retirement to give the restaurant one more try in the summer of 2001.  But, as we all know, the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001 had a devastating effect on our economy.  Austin also began suffering a series of droughts that reduced the number of people enjoying the lake.  The restaurant closed some time right after Christmas, probably December 



A lot of strange things have happened to us since discovering this lake house.  Below is a picture of my computer and monitor.  On the monitor you can see a shot of a paneled wall.  There is a skinny mirror in the picture, the kind people mount to the back of a close door in the bedroom for dressing.  The mirror is hard to pick out because it is also reflecting the same wood paneling.  I have the mirror edges highlighted in green and red.  Those are the beveled edges of the mirror.  When I took this shot, it came back with this odd shadow across the mirror.  Notice that the shadow is not across the wood paneling, just the mirror itself.  I can't imagine how this shadow was cast only on the mirror's image and not the rest.  At any rate, when I had returned home I placed the mirror back in the garage against a far wall.  It was secured at the bottom with large bricks to keep it from sliding on the concrete floor.  The mirror was tilted back against the wall at a fairlystrong angle to prevent it from toppling over.  The next morning I went into the garage and found the mirror had fallen over and shattered.  Look how it broke.  The mirror knew how it was going to break up the next morning and foretold it with a shadow.  There weren't little pieces or shards or anything.  It cleanly broke into two parts.  Very, very, very odd.


For three years I entered the Lake House every other Monday morning at 3 am by myself and recorded whatever happened.  I would stay from one to three hours and sometimes I left recording equipment running all night.  For the most part, I didn't make contact with them, I just went about my business investigating any sights or sounds.  Often I would say a few words to myself to remind me of what I was sensing or feeling.  Quite often the spirits would answer my question before I asked it.  For example, I would catch an EVP that said "he heard me, he heard me now!"  then I would whisper "I think I just heard something over by the closet."  The volume of evidence is so massive, terabytes upon terabytes of video and audio, upwards now of 100,000 EVPs captured, thousands of apparitions, and a lot of information about the makeup of the spirit world.  All of this is being organized and put into my new book "The Haunted Lake House", which will also be made into a screenplay.  

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  The Haunted Lake House

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would ignore her.  Later, they allowed her to get close to them and eventually participate in activities.  I know that spirits are not gorillas but I wondered what the results could be if I tried.  We all have had experiences with EVPs and spirit communications that are disjointed, seem to not be relevant to what's happening, and usually are only one side of the conversation.  

Our most mind-blowing discovery was a large mirror in the bar area behind a counter.  It was covered in years of grime, but we got it polished clean and then grabbed our cameras.  We filmed thousands of spirits, apparitions, and entities of all kinds.  We captured buildings, boats, theaters full of people - it just goes on and on.  Many of our   

To date (July 2018) we have not been able to locate any employees nor the chef, Sharon Taylor, for an interview.  We would love to know if things went bump in the night after closing.  We will always be on the lookout for her.  The current owners are an LLC out of Dallas who are building the big lake condos going up nearby.  We asked repeatedly for permission to shoot a movie in that house, recreating the night the girl overdosed in the shower, but we were declined.   Built in 1978 the property was later rezoned in a flood plain after the Austin Memorial Day Floods of 1984.   The Taylor House Eatery evidently leased the property from an LLC out of Minnesota.


Above is one of my favorite mirror images.  The process was the same every time we went.  We would clean the mirror, polish it with the car glass cleaner "Invisible Glass" and then go get our cameras.  When we returned the mirror would start to fog over and images would appear.  Usually, they would change shape when I wasn't looking or wasn't filming.  Every once in a while, however, I managed to capture an image as it changed.  So remember that I am in the basement of a lake house, in the middle of the woods.  This basement is pitch black, there is no light coming in from the outside.  For this image above I am using a Sony Night Shot Digital NTSC Camcorder.  It is shooting with four sets of infrared lights - the built-in lights, a light attachment for the hot shoe on the top of the camcorder, and two battery operated LED portable infrared light arrays mounted to either side of the lens.  The only thing we should be seeing in the mirror, is, well....nothing.  It should be pitch black.  Although I have a lot of infrared light sources, they are still relatively weak for the large room.  I am standing ten feet from the mirror, so a round trip back to me is 20 feet, then the back wall is 15 ft behind me.  The light really falls off at 35 feet and all one would see, if one could see is more wood paneling.  But there are all kinds of creatures appearing in the mirror.   What it looks like to me is that creatures are all seated in a theater of some kind, in "stadium seating" style.  They are mostly looking at the screen or the play on the stage, but a couple of them are looking at the camera.  Take your time.  Let your eyes adjust to the picture.  Don't strain, just relax.  Get in a dark room to study it.  See if your mind isn't blown like ours!



This is the back of the mirror so that you could see how the break mimics the photo.  Interesting.  It's a "mirror image."  

Talking to neighbors we discovered that parties would often be thrown in this haunted lake house.  I found a drummer in a band on 6th that said he remembered playing a couple of gigs there, he thought for a fraternity.  But, there are some darker rumors about the house.  A girl one night suffered an overdose and was taken downstairs into the basement bathroom that had a shower.  The panicking partygoers tried to revive her but to no avail.  She died in the bathroom and legend has it that she was buried underneath the house.  In the basement, there is a back hallway that leads to a door.  On the other side of that door is a small crawlspace beneath the upper story.  This is how Texas basements are built.

T​he dirt floor allowed them to easily dig a grave, and the band was able to make enough noise to cover up the digging.  She could have also been taken out into the middle of the lake and dumped overboard.

In 2014 we came across an abandoned Haunted Lake House on

Lake Travis just northwest of Austin, Tx.   This was the

most incredible discovery ever in the Austin area. 

It was originally the                   

          Taylor House Eatery




When I discovered all the spirit entities at the Haunted Lake House I had just finished studying Dian Fossey and her gorilla research.  She was the first person to habituate mountain gorillas.  That means that after long periods of following and watching the gorillas, they became accustomed to her presence and