From Raudive to Cardoso to Bacci, important scientists have shaped our understanding of the paranormal world.  Here are some of them and their contributions to our knowledge.

From our work, we know for a fact that there are intelligent creatures who can see us and they can hear us.  However, we cannot see nor hear them except under very specific circumstances.  Usually, it's not with the unaided eye or ear.  Cameras with night vision, infrared and thermal processing can sometimes see them.  Most often we can hear them with the aid of any electronic device with a speaker output - radio, telephone, fax machine, computer speakers, tape recorder, dictation machine, and a scanning radio usually called a spirit box.  This list is not complete.  The point is that they are there all the time watching us and we are none the wiser.  They can be invisible when they are "On Earth" meaning they are standing next to you in our space/time dimension, or they can be monitoring and communicating from their dimension which has no concept of space or time.  Probably a more accurate description of them is to say they are:  

              "Disembodied Entities"  

But that is a very cumbersome name.  "Spirit" is the word most often used, as in "Spirit Box" even though that is probably not what they are.  A Spirit is defined as:

The nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul. "we seek 
a harmony between body and spirit"

synonyms: soul, psyche, (inner) self, inner being, inner man/woman, mind, ego, id; pneuma

If spirits are the nice people that died and went into that invisible world, what would we call humans that were monsters?
     Evil Spirits 

On these pages, we will most often refer to entities as 
spirits or evil spirits.  Really bad ones I might call a Demon.   Demons are an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person 
or act as a tormentor in hell.  Elementals are just little gremlins that like to play practical jokes - hide your car keys for example. 
Poltergeists like to make a lot of noise and toss things about.  All the knocking in episode one of our series was done by Poltergeists.  How do I know?  "Poltergeist" is simply German for "Noisy Ghost".  You see, for practical purposes, it doesn't really matter because we can never know for certain what we are dealing with anyway.  The theologian Swedenborg said that there are good and bad creatures in the spirit world and their job is to influence us while we are still in the body.  The Scole Experiment confirmed this when a spirit explained what her job was.


Psychophone Messages

Paranormal - Demon - Spirit

Elemental - Entity - Ghost - Apparition

What should we call these paranormal creatures?

And what can I say to our skeptical readers, or people new to the Paranormal?

Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication

This document is a brilliant compilation from WorldITC.Org.  - They have summarized for us all the best ITC breakthroughs over the past 100 years.  ITC stands for Instrumental Trans Communication and it is when you use any electronic device to talk to spirits on the "other side".  If you only read one thing on this website, read this!  Click on the picture.

We have WorldITC.Org to thank for all their hard work.  They own this document.

Deliverance Ministry

Contacting Spirits

As in every walk of life, charlatans are ready to take your money and make a fool out of people.  Watch this brief warning video that will help you pick a good paranormal website from a bad one.  When visiting a site, be alert and watch for these warning signs:

  • They claim to have contacted a famous person
  • They claim to be able to contact your dead relative
  • They add "echo" or "reverb" to their spirit voices to make them sound "otherworldly" or "sinister"
  • They claim to be able to help people "cross over" or to "Cross Over Into the Light"
  • They are selling a spirit box, a device to hear the dead speak for more than $99.  The best spirit box out there in our opinion is the PSB-7 Spirit Box which costs about $75.  We've seen the charlatans selling some for $5k


There are so many myths and legends that have been started and passed down through time.  Study this lesson to learn the difference between paranormal entertainment and paranormal research.  Click on the picture.

A blog note about how to edit​ EVPs with advanced techniques.  Click on the picture.


The word "psycho-phone" was first suggested and used by Mr. Francis Grierson in a lecture delivered before the Toronto Theosophical Society, August 31st, 1919, a year before Thomas Edison announced the intention of devising an instrument which he hoped will serve to establish communication between our world and the world of the spirits.

​​Inspired by Science  -  Transformed by Experience

This is where we have gotten most of our research information in addition to websites.  We started with 150 books and whittled them down to these 50 books.  The authors are recognized experts in their fields and have impeccable reputations.  Many are Ph.D.s, professors, and scientists.  Some are even Nobel Laureates!  Click on the picture to see our list.  We highly recommend them.

Myths & Legends

Advanced EVPs

If you need help with a paranormal problem in your life, these steps may help you.  It's often hard if not impossible to get a priest to come to your home, especially if you are not Catholic.  These steps have been proven successful.  Click on the picture and get help started.

Our mind is a very powerful computer.  With nothing more than two dots and a half moon line, we can see a face.  We see faces and people everywhere as part of our defenses mechanism.  It's not paranormal, it's Pareidolia.  Click on the picture to learn more.

Drost Effect

Our Pioneers

Orbs are one of the more controversial subjects in paranormal research.  Learn from this lesson how to tell a real orb from a fake one.  Click on the picture.

There is something magical about mirrors.  Whenever you stare at one in a dark room or create an endless loop by having two mirrors face each other, it creates an optical void allowing you to see into another dimension.  While Ghost Hunting a haunted house, we found a haunted mirror. Click on the picture.

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