Other Popular Myths

1. Entities Drain Batteries to Use Energy

    No.  That is a myth.  I have extensive 

    research and evidence to support the 

    theory that they drain batteries to 

    prevent someone from recording them.

    Entities must exist within a set of rules

    and physics principles that our scientists

    have yet to discover.

2. Entities Take Phonemes and Word Frag-

    ments From Spirit Boxes and Make

    Their Own Words

    These supernatural beings exist in

    another dimension and use a form of

    energy our scientists haven't discovered.

    On a common sense level, if beings are

    talking to me and I'm recording them

    with a digital recorder, why would they 

    have to suddenly piece words together if

    I turned on a Spirit Box?  Ridiculous. 


K2 Meter - EMF Detector

Attempting to determine if an entity is in the room by using these devices is a complete waste of time.  First of all, there is no way to determine False Negatives.  In other words, how many times did an entity enter the room but the device did not react?  Secondly, EMF or Electromagnetic Fields are constantly shifting.  A human's body can affect it.  There are even reports of humans affecting them telepathically.  If all people in the room are intently staring at the K2 and wishing it to light up, it might!

manufacturers call them.  

What are Ghosts?

"Ghost" is defined as the apparition of a dead person. 

Not one that looks like a dead person, but the actual dead person. I have hundreds of apparitions in my files.  Are they dead people?  I don't know.  They could be demons pretending to be that person.  It could be some other entity or some form of physics that we don't understand.  Even if the apparition says "I am the ghost of Christmas past", that means nothing.  There are documented events where discarnate entities answered a question before the human scientist asked his question.  It would appear that some can read your mind.  Therefore, if the entity repeats something secret that only you and the dead person know, they could  have just read your mind.  There are indeed things we can't explain, but we do not know what they are.  As laypeople we are going to approach our investigations as scientific as we can, and that means we jettison popular vernacular and state specifically what the evidence is.

Ghost Hunting Gear

Austin Paranormal Research

Paranormal Investigation 

The Truth - There are thousands of discarnate entities all around us, all the time.  They can see us and they can hear us.  Sometimes we can hear them and under certain conditions we can see them.  No matter what anybody tells you, we do NOT know what they are.  They could be the soul of a dead relative, they could be angels, they could be demons or elementals.  They could be Poltergeists.  Or they even could be something we haven't yet identified.  It is said that evil spirits and the Devil are prolific liars.  I know they can read minds, so they can fool you into thinking you are talking with a relative.  Let's say we are walking across the desert and I tell you to stick your hand into a hole going under a big rock.  You can hear something is in there, but you don't know for certain what it could be.  It could be a harmless gecko, or it could be a Gila Monster.  Leave it alone.  "Ghost Hunting" can be very dangerous, think it through carefully before getting involved.

Guitar Echo Pedals

Lets Bust Some Common Myths

There is no such thing!  One can't take an electronic device and re-purpose it to find "ghosts."   It has never been scientifically proven that ghosts even exist.  See our explanation below.  These are devices we do not use:  

It is so obvious why people add guitar pedals to their radios.  This is a Special FX device.  It ADDS something to the alleged spirit voices coming through.  This taints the evidence from the start.  The reason people use them is because they make the communication sound spooky, "other worldly".  Some people claim it helps them hear the words better, but we know better.

Spirit Boxes

A regular "Spirit Box" is nothing more than an am/fm radio that automatically scans through the frequencies -much like your car's radio but much faster.  We only use the PSB-7.  There is a long explanation on our Facebook page.  We will call them Spirit Boxes instead of radios because that's what the

Mobile Device Apps

While these are fun to play with, they are really just black boxes.  I cannot say what is going on inside that app.  It could be programmed like Siri to listen to what I say and repeat it.  This includes any and all apps EXCEPT the video and audio recording apps that come from the manufacturer of your device.  In fact, those are really good evidence gathering instruments.