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The Truth - There are thousands of discarnate entities all around us, all the time.  They can see us and they can hear us.  Sometimes we can hear them and under certain conditions we can see them.  No matter what anybody tells you, we do NOT know what they are.  They could be the soul of a dead relative, they could be angels, they could be demons or elementals.  They could be Poltergeists.  Or they even could be something we haven't yet identified.  It is said that evil spirits and the Devil are prolific liars. This is a very, very dangerous hobby.

Mobile Device Apps

While these are fun to play with, they are really just black boxes.  I cannot say what is going on inside that app.  It could be programmed like Siri to listen to what I say and repeat it.  This includes any and all apps EXCEPT the video and audio recording apps that come from the manufacturer of your device.  In fact, those are really good evidence gathering instruments.

Popular Equipment

Other Popular Myths

1. Entities Drain Batteries to Use Energy

    No.  That is a myth.  I have extensive 

    research and evidence to support the 

    theory that they drain batteries to 

    prevent someone from recording them.

    Entities must exist within a set of rules

    and physics principles that our scientists

    have yet to discover.

2. Entities Take Phonemes and Word Frag-

    ments From Spirit Boxes and Make

    Their Own Words

    These supernatural beings exist in

    another dimension and use a form of

    energy our scientists haven't discovered.

    On a common sense level, if beings are

    talking to me and I'm recording them

    with a digital recorder, why would they 

    have to suddenly piece words together if

    I turned on a Spirit Box?  Ridiculous. 


ACCURACY:  This is probably one of the biggest myths.  Attempting to determine if an entity is in the room by using these devices is not effective. Before I rely on a device to gather evidence for my research, I have to judge its effectiveness.  To judge the effectiveness of a K2 you have to be able to measure its results, both positive and negative.  In other words, how many times did an entity enter the room but the device did not react?  There is no way to know the answer to this.   Conversely, how many times did the device light up but no entity had entered the room?  There is no way to know that.  It's gone off, yet there is no way to know why.  A spirit is but one of many possible reasons.  And all readings by a meter are not from one single source, it is the sum total of all energy hitting the antenna. 

 K2 Meter - EMF Detector - Rem Pod

TAKE A BASE READING:  Some ghost hunters say that they take base readings

all around the room and then they will know when they get a different reading that there must be something new affecting it.   I ask them:  When you took those readings, were any spirits already in the room?  Do your readings include their presence or not?  There is no way to know this.

NO REACTION TO ORBS: Would you agree that the presence of orbs indicates the presence of spirits?  I'm talking genuine, no doubt these are orbs incidents. We did an experiment in a very active house that showed countless orbs dancing about the room with an EMF meter right in the middle of the room.  Despite orbs dancing all around it, it did NOT react to these orbs.   They were clearly visible on infrared camera and they unquestionably orbs.

THEY CONTROL IT: Further, the evidence we have collected shows that entities can control the effect their energy has on our electromagnetic fields.  A K2 will indeed light up - if they want it to.  If they don't, it won't!  


NOW, WHAT?  I have worked with other investigators who use these to detect entities and I asked them this question - "so it goes off, now what?"   "We try to make contact, communicate with them."  My standard reply to that is "why didn't you just try to make contact in the first place?" 

WHAT IT IS GOOD FOR: An EMF detector does have one very good purpose, and that's the job it was made for - to find high concentrations of EMF.  We know that this can cause problems with people - headaches, nausea, nervousness, and even hallucinations.  Finding such a high concentration might be the answer your client is looking for. 

What are Ghosts?

"Ghost" is defined as the apparition of a dead person. 

Not one that looks like a dead person, but the actual dead person. I have hundreds of apparitions in my files.  Are they dead people?  I don't know.  They could be demons pretending to be that person.  It could be some other entity or some form of physics that we don't understand.  Even if the apparition says "I am the ghost of Christmas past", that means nothing.  There are documented events where discarnate entities answered a question before the human scientist asked his question.  It would appear that some can read your mind.  Therefore, if the entity repeats something secret that only you and the dead person know, they could  have just read your mind.  There are indeed things we can't explain, but we do not know what they are.  As laypeople we are going to approach our investigations as scientific as we can, and that means we jettison popular vernacular and state specifically what the evidence is.

Austin Paranormal Research

Myths & Legends 

Paranormal Investigation vs Paranormal Entertainment

We divide Paranormal channels into two different classes - Paranormal Investigations and Paranormal Entertainment.  People are getting into Ghost Hunting (I don't like that term but more on that later) who don't have any prior experience or knowledge in psychology, parapsychology, mathematics, astronomy, physics, quantum physics or other branches of science.  For the most part, they just want to talk to dead people or spirits, or they want to capture something cool like a door opening on its own.   Probably 95% of all websites and YouTube channels can be classified as Paranormal Entertainment.

We conduct genuine Paranormal Investigations using transferable skills from police science and forensics.  We set the bar very high for calling something paranormal.  We are members of the Society for Psychical Research in London, England and have been published in their Paranormal Review magazine. 

 THE SOCIETY for Psychical Research was set up in London in 1882, the first scientific organization ever to examine claims of psychic and paranormal phenomena. We hold no corporate view of their existence or meaning; rather, our purpose is to gather information and foster understanding through research and education.  Past presidents have included philosophers William James and Henri Bergson, scientists William Crookes, John Strutt (Lord Rayleigh) and Charles Richet, and British conservative prime minister Arthur Balfour. We are always looking to increase our funding for research and education, through donations and bequests.  Our members represent a variety of academic and professional interests all over the world. We welcome active researchers and volunteer helpers, also those who wish to learn about the subject.

Spirit Boxes

A regular "Spirit Box" is nothing more than an am/fm radio that automatically scans through the frequencies -much like your car's radio but much faster.  We only use the PSB-7.  There is a long explanation on our Facebook page, but basically a little white noise helps hear words and the PSB-7 has a built-in white noise generator.  We call them Spirit Boxes instead of radios because that's what the manufacturers call them.  If you listen to samples from the Scole Experiement or Bacci you'll see that plain radio voice with a little white noise is far superior to the jerky, unnatural sounding voice from a spirit box.

It is so obvious why people add guitar pedals to their radios.  This is a Special FX device.  It ADDS something to the alleged spirit voices coming through.  This taints the evidence from the start.  The reason people use them is because they make the communication sound spooky, "other worldly".  Some people claim it helps them hear the words better, but we know better.

Guitar Echo Pedals