ORBS ARE CONTROVERSIAL - Although they are real paranormal phenomena, a high percentage of the published videos or images of claimed orbs really have simple non-paranormal sources.  My company has been investigating the paranormal for about 17 years, the past five we’ve gotten to work closely with claims of orbs.  From my years as a police detective, I developed techniques and protocols for investigating the paranormal using transferable skills from police-science and criminology.  Orbs are indeed genuine paranormal events, but it takes much evidence to convince me that what we captured was an orb.  There are a lot of false ideas about them.  Typically what happens is an investigator is walking around, asking questions for spirits to answer, and a small translucent light suddenly appears and flies around the room before disappearing again.  The path is typically a straight line going towards or away from the person.  It can also take wide sweeping arcs around the room.  It’s common for it to go about the room slowly before rapidly accelerating and leaving the room.

VIDEO ONLY - I would never declare something to be an orb based solely off a picture or still image.  There are simply too many other possible explanations that are equally valid.  For example I’ve heard people allege something is an orb because of its shape -
usually, because it is round or sometimes curiously octagon shaped.   The shape of the light is directly related to the capability of the lens and camera.  A light can start out round but become octagon shaped because the light that once was in focus is now out of focus.  The resulting shape is due to the lens inability to resolve out-of-focus light.  This bokeh is highly prized by cinematographers.  The characteristics of an orb are often misunderstood.


The simple shape of the orb, round or octagon or with concentric rings is irrelevant.  It’s just as likely to be caused by the camera, lens, or both.  There are two sources of light - reflections from some light source or internally generated by the orb itself.  Light from infrared Illuminators on night vision cameras can reflect off many different objects that mimic the movements of orbs - moths, bugs, dust, paper, leaves, grass, etc.  Reflected light typically rules out orb events.
Therefore the complex shape of the orb is relevant.   Does 
the shape and quality of the light match any possible normal reflections such as a moth whose wings cause the light to flicker quickly?
Does this orb cast a shadow?  Say the orb is going up a closet door then enters it.  Light reflecting off a bug will cause the bugs shadow to hit the door.  An orb generating its own light does not have a shadow.  
A light that streaks or becomes worm-shaped can be due to a slow shutter or slow processor in the camera.  The big picture is important. If there is a history of orb activity or a recent rash of orb sightings, consider their paths collectively.  Is there a common denominator?  In the Haunted Lake House orbs were seen on several occasions entering a closet in an upstairs bedroom.  One time an orb appeared and an EVP was captured “you’re late!”  Another EVP warned me “you better not come in here!” Electronic noises were sometimes heard and EVPs talked about the “bridge” and it’s bandwidth. The doorknob to the closet violently shook upon approaching it and wall knocks increased the closer I got to the closet.  The orbs were declared legitimate with the closet having a bridge to facilitate cross-dimensional travel.

WITNESS TESTIMONY is the weakest form of evidence and therefore we do not rely on it without substantial corroborating evidence in our analysis.

- As I stated, we must have moving images including ample time directly before and after the event being claimed as an orb.   We need to examine how the camera handles the scene on a regular basis and be able to compare and contrast the orb event with that regular footage. 
Pixelation or small moving chunks of video are common, especially in low light.  The way video compression is applied can affect the image.  Most cameras start with one complete frame of video, then in succeeding frames of video, only the changes between the two frames are recorded. This saves a lot of space. After so many change frames are recorded an entirely new reference frame will be captured and the process starts over.  We need as much information as possible on the entire scene - all sources of light both natural and artificial, direct, reflected and ambient.  We need the camera information and the recording method including the need to ingest footage to convert to digital.  What were all the weather measurements at the time?   

during the event are excellent supporting evidence.  Often the entities are talking to each other about the event and not talking to the investigators.  Habituating entities to investigators’ presence instead of always attempting direct communication can be a powerful technique. A good detective knows not to interrupt a witness or a suspect willing to talk.  Spirit entities seem to be no different in that regard.  Most investigators simply talk too much.  When spirit entities are talking to each other, our research has shown it is a more reliable source of information than if the spirit entity were talking to a human.  They lie. Habitually.  It can be difficult to discern the truth.  In
thepasthowever, investigators wouldn’t get much conversation between entities.  Habituation of entities has been a game changer.

An orb can look blue simply because the white balance was set too cool. Many orbs don’t emit any visible light color at all, but instead, give off energy as infrared electromagnetic radiation.  We’ve proven this many times as we’ve seen dozens of orbs floating around the room we are in BY LOOKING on security monitors.  These cameras are sensitive to infrared but when we looked in the room with our eyes could see nothing.  To support what would otherwise be witness testimony we’ve several other simultaneous cameras with infrared filters intact that could not see them either.  Genuine orbs are white or invisible to the naked eye.

FACES IN ORBS are usually just from pareidolia.  Orbs tend to be translucent where objects behind the light can be faintly visible.  The human brain is wired to seek out and find faces in unfamiliar images, to find that human in the bushes vs the tiger.  What looks like a face is probably just the mind misinterpreting the scene.  Smiley faces are the most commonly reported type and we reject those outright.  THERE IS NO KNOWN SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT WE COULD FIND THAT SUPPORTS SMILEYS AS VALID PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

THE LEAST KNOWN fact is that the orb may not be any kind of creature at all.  It can be a side-effect of entity activity, something like the waves on a lake are created by a moving boat.  Orbs are the result of entities moving through our space/time dimension but are not the entity itself.  This information was gained through research we conducted on spirit teams in the Scole Experiment.  Entities in our investigations were recorded bragging to other entities that they used their energy to create fake orbs in an effort to fool the humans.

AND SOMETIMES an orb is indeed a genuine orb- a spirit entity-previously undetected which has become detected and is zipping around in our space/time dimension.  We have many cases where multiple cameras of different capabilities were operating simultaneously, several digital audio streams of different capabilities were also operating simultaneously, and paranormal activity was discovered.  We see orbs on the security feed, but we are standing in the room and cannot see them. A review of the audio reveals many unexplained EVPs of discarnate entities discussing the orb activity while groans were heard by investigators as well as recorded and doorknobs to closets rattled on their own.  The orb broke apart into many hundreds of pieces but then coalesced again before disappearing.

It’s all these PIECES of evidence CONSIDERED TOGETHER that qualifies an event as a genuine orb. 

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On this page we take on the controversial subject of Orbs.  We believe they are a real thing but are one of the       most misdiagnosed paranormal events.  Read and see if you agree with our findings.