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 Our YouTube and Facebook pages provide lots of entertaining videos, pictures, articles, and interesting tutorials on conducting your own paranormal investigations.

  We can also help anyone who is troubled by things happening in their home or workplace that they don't understand.  Confidentiality is our cornerstone principle.   We never release any information whatsoever on client investigations without their permission.  If a client is willing to participate in one of our series, such as Silicon Spirits they will be doing a great service to other people with the same problems.  It helps to know that you are not alone.

We never charge.  Any work we do to help someone with a paranormal issue will never be billed to them.  All work is performed under our LLC, Image Your Dreams.

If you have a problem, notify us and we'll respond as soon as practical.  In the meantime, keep all discontent, arguments, or trouble of any kind away from your home or workplace.   Try to keep the atmosphere calm & loving with soothing music and pleasant conversations.  Demons feed on trouble.  If you were involved with a church, synagogue, or mosque and have drifted away NOW would be a good time to reconnect.  Don't expect a priest to respond to your problem.  For now, the purpose is simply to strengthen your own faith.  Keep sleeping areas well lighted and consider covering all mirrors.

How do we proceed?  If you are in the greater Austin, TX area we can come to your home or business.  We will make two trips and conduct an extensive investigation.  As we do not charge, we must limit the personal visits.  However, we have found that two trips are more than enough to help our clients get back to normal.  If you are out of the area, we can discuss by text, chat, and sometimes Skype how you can get the help you need and what to do for yourself.  It's very rare for spirits to not be seen on FLIR thermal, or heard on EVPs.  We will search diligently for the presence of entities.  If after two trips we find nothing, then we must consider the possibility of some medical condition depending on the client's circumstances.  Auditory pareidolia, visual hallucinations are all possible with the wrong medications, or temporary illness both physical and mental. 

We are not doctors or medical clinicians. 

We do not have a degree in medicine.

We strongly encourage our clients to get a

medical checkup in ALL CASES to eliminate the

possibility that you have a medical problem.

We can NOT advise you medically. 

If they come back with a clean bill of health then we will proceed with a third and final visit.  If we do find entities, then we have strategies for dealing with them depending on the circumstances. We also strongly encourage clients to consult a pastor, priest, rabbi, or cleric of their faith.  We also encourage all clients to study our Deliverance Ministry section for advice.  Let us know how we can help.

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