Habituating Spirits Helps Capture Their Candid Interpersonal Conversations

Author - Robert Ansley

Contact - robert@RobertAnsley.com



Audio recordings via Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) are a standard paranormal investigative practice.  Until now, however, the goal has been communication between humans and the discarnate entities.  EVPs are often disjointed, nonsensical, and typically capture only one side of the conversation or perhaps answers to human questions. By employing Dian Fossey’s technique for habituating mountain gorillas, spirits can come to believe they can safely speak to each other, openly and candidly in the presence of humans.


The location is critical.  I discovered a very large lake house that had been abandoned and undisturbed for 13 years.  Hundreds if not thousands of entities at some point had taken up
residency there where they flourished.   I explored the house bi-weekly on the same Monday morning, at the same time for three years.  I used up to five different digital recorders simultaneously capturing terabytes of evidence. I rarely attempted any communication.


Unexpected and spectacular information was discovered.  Spirits joined me in my car about 3 miles away and sent relevant information to the house. As I arrived spotters announced my arrival and tracked my movements throughout. The type of equipment I carried was discussed amongst themselves and plans were invariably hatched to hurt me or damage my gear. They often succeeded.  Names, hierarchy, and personalities were revealed. Tens of thousands of EVPs, thousands of psychic events like wall knocking, and hundreds of apparitions were recorded.  New methods for pulling out EVPs from background noise were developed.  Spirits often said what I was about to say.  They knew my name, my wife’s name, and other personal information.


Lay people rarely have the funds or personnel to faithfully follow Scientific Method.  I have a witness in only 2 of the investigations, and they are both relatives.  However, hunting solo ensured total control of my environment, with no spurious noises or talking, and perhaps accelerated the habituation by appearing less threatening.  I always carried one camcorder with night vision recording uninterrupted during each entire episode.   However, my experiment is presented faithfully with the goal of having other investigators attempt to repeat these results.


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When I discovered all the spirit entities at the Lake House I had just finished studying Dian Fossey and her gorilla research.  She was the first person to habituate mountain gorillas.  That means that after long periods of following and watching the gorillas, then became accustomed to her presence and


Based upon the pioneering work done on Habituating Spirits, we created this abstract of our research paper.

Austin Paranormal Research

Habituating Spirits 

would ignore her.  Later, they allowed her to get close to them and eventually participate in activities.  I know that spirits are not gorillas but I wondered what the results could be if I tried.  We all have had experiences with EVPs and spirit communications that are disjointed, seem to not be relevant to what's happening, and usually are only one side of the conversation.  

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