Season Two - Episode Two - Lockerbie


In this Season Two episode, it picks up where the premiere left off.  I continue to investigate the lake house where the spirits are focused mainly on me.  We hear very strange EVPs such as "Lockerbie" referring to the Pan Am plane bombing.

Season One - Episode Eleven - They Can Read Your Mind

DISCOVERIES- Evidence of Mind Reading, Class C EVPs have juiciest lnfo. 

 Spirits can read your mind.  In this episode I prove that spirits can indeed read your mind.  Although the EVPs are difficult to pull out, they prove that the spirit said what I was about to say out loud.  This happened a lot.  So much that i would try to concentrate on things like "pop tarts!"

Season One - Episode Three - Eerily Quiet Daytime Visit

DISCOVERIES - Excellent view of the lake house in broad daylight shows that the knocking could not have been caused by branches, loose boards

  In this episode I take a quick daytime trip to the house to see what might have been making all the thumping and banging sounds.  We can see it is very quiet, and as I walk on carpet everyone I barely make a sound!

Season One - Episode Two - ​The Careful Ghost

DISCOVERIES - There are rooms they don't want me to go in, spirits are sometimes nice, they sometimes damage gear by draining batteries

​  In this episode, the spirits warned me about a hole in the floor helping me avoid injury. Sometimes, they aren't this nice. Viewer discretion advised! In this Ghost Hunting Alone series we present a very unique perspective on the nightly interactions between demons and other spirits, and document how they react to the Living intruding upon their home.

Season One - Episode Seven - ​Full Body Apparition

DISCOVERIES Disembodied Beast Growling At Me, Other shapes - Spector?Hard lesson learned about proper use of audio gear 

  One of the best early episodes.  We had a lot of bizarre activity.  Two times an apparition appeared and was watching me walk about.  We heard a terrifying growling beast.  And we learned some valuable lessons from mistakes made hooking up our audio.  Crappy results.

much more to come

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Season Two - Episode One - Apparitions and Shadow People

DISCOVERIES - Full body apparitions, shadow people, EVPs by the tons

In this Season Two premiere episode, my wife and I conduct a short skit demonstrating what we go through when I leave for a dangerous mission.  It follows with some of the best evidence I've covered to date, while all alone.  Ghost Hunting Alone is not for the weak hearted.

Season One - Episode Six - ​Summary of the First Five Episodes

DISCOVERIES - I became much more proficient at finding & editing EVPs

  Episode Five was lost forever, but pieces of it survived in this summary video Episode Six.  The first five episodes are compiled together, and have better EVP subtitles than their originals as I learned how to get better.  You could binge watch from this episode effectively.

Season Two - Episode Two.Two - Talking Backwards

DISCOVERIES - EVPs are often backward, Spirit Box work

In this episode, we learn the spirits speak backward on purpose as a means of concealing what they are saying. They recognized my spirit box as a "radio", they knew my name, and when I asked questions a spirit said, "Do Not Respond!" One said he was there "on business."   

 Season Two - Episode Three - Demon in the Basement

DISCOVERIES - EVPs are often backward, Spirit Box work

One of the most incredible hunts in this haunted lake house series. Filled to the rafters with possibly hundreds of spirits, the chatter was non-stop. They talked about their plans to scare me off to Edward. This is possibly Eddie who is the "Mafia" leader of the group. Once the demon was discovered they complemented the creators - "Excellent, men." They called my name many times.   

Season One- Episode Ten - SPIRITS ATTACK!

DISCOVERIES - Spirits work together to attack, sprits track your movements, they tried to steal my phone

 This is another one of our favorite episodes, it is so packed full of evidence and information about the spirit world.  They coordinated an attack on me, proving that they plan together and work together.  They talked about stealing my phone and a female spirit was assigned to attack me, but was having trouble. One of them asked the boss Eddie to "offer her a hit man."

Season Four will match up with something from this first season and have much more significance than by itself.  By visiting the same place over and over we were able to build a database of facts allowing us to draw conclusions such that nobody has ever been able to do before.  Certainly places like Waverly Hills Sanitorium gets visited constantly  but everybody's investigations stand alone and are not coordinated with other investigations.  In fact, rumors and urban legends carry the day there.  Not so in this Haunted Lake House.  To our knowledge, nobody else has ever investigated it.  Salient Lesson Points are in orange.

 Season Two - Episode 5.2 - MIP for Mobile

DISCOVERIES - The Haunted Mirror Optimized for Mobile Viewing

Near Austin, Texas is a haunted lake house that has been abandoned for 15 years. In the basement is a large mirror that is a window into another dimension. The camera was pointed at the mirror one morning at 4 am capturing hundreds of surreal images as they constantly faded in and out of view.

Season One - Episode Twelve - Names Heard at the House

DISCOVERIES - Many of the names in this house

In this Season One finale I put to music all of the names that I heard while investigating the house.  Because of the investigation method, which was visiting the same place over and over plus the style of habituation, we were able to pick up a lot of names that inhabit the house.  We were also able to tell what their jobs were too.

Season One - Episode Eight - ​Spector, Apparitions, and more EVPs

DISCOVERIES - In Depth Review of Episode Seven

​  This is a follow up to the previous episode.  There was so much evidence captured that we continued to evaluate it and report it.

This is the Ghost Hunting Alone series.  If you follow us from Episode One all the way through to today, you will grow and learn along with us.  Each episode builds upon previous episodes as we modify our investigations with each new piece of information.  The structure of the spirit world was our primary focus.  Quite often something from 

Easy to reference Video Episode Archives

In this spot we will be organizing and posting every video we have made.  You will be able to binge watch from our 1st episode.  We built a table of keywords and added closed captions.

This is an excellent learning source!

Here now is the very beginning, the first Season of Ghost Hunting Alone

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 Season Two - Episode Five - MIP - Mirror Images Phenomenon

DISCOVERIES - The Haunted Mirror Explored Deeply

I discovered the mirror in the basement is a window into another dimension. This is the most spectacular paranormal evidence I have ever found. I photographed over 500 faces and other objects within 25 seconds. An airplane down in the water with three men clinging to the wing and one of them is looking back at the camera, Elvis, a German Nazi, space ships, flying saucers, aliens. We coined the term MIP in 2016 to give a name to the phenomenon.  

Season One- Episode Nine - Empty House Recording

DISCOVERIES - Spirits talk by knocking, They mimic each other, psychic winds, strange motor sounds, yelling, tampered with infrared flood 

  I left both cameras with night vision and a Zoom digital audio recorder in the house all night long.  The activity was just unbelievable.  I learned that the spirits talk by knocking.  There are many different kinds of knocks.  I heard yelling, psychic winds, evidence of a residual haunting, electronic motor sounds, and at one point the entities turned off my infrared flood light.

Season One - Episode Four - ​Happy Father's Day

DISCOVERIES - Spirits:  CAN Read Minds, Damage Gear, Are Sometimes Nice

  This a very interesting lesson.  The spirits attacked the gear and killed all of it.  However, a snippet of audio/video survived and it's a very poignant piece of history for the Ghost Hunting Alone series.  It teaches us that spirits read our minds, and they have caring feelings sometimes.

 Season Two - Episode Four - Elvis Impersonator

DISCOVERIES - The Haunted Mirror, Demons Threaten, Speaking in Tongues

In the rare footage shot with a 4k Blackmagic Cinema Camera, I captured the clearest apparitions in the mirror. One looks just like Elvis Presley on his Hawaiian tour. I labeled some other faces but not all of them. If you pause the clip I'm sure you'll find more. Next, Demons threatened to kill me and then several times spoke in tongues. I only thought that happened in certain evangelical circles. But I've heard speaking in tongues enough to know that's what it was.   

Season One - Episode One - Simply Called "Ghost Hunting"

DISCOVERIES - Wall knocking, Knocks can answer questions, EVPs

  A solo investigator conducts a 3 year study of an extremely haunted abandoned lake house near Austin, TX. He recorded nearly 50,000 EVPs, hundreds of apparitions, and thousands of paranormal events such as doors opening, disembodied growling beasts and a personal attack that put him in the hospital.  In this first episode, his son Adam went with him.  They were not prepared for what was about to happen!

​​Inspired by Science  -  Transformed by Experience

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Video Episodes -

Season Two - Trailer - Burnet Poltergeist


In this Season Two trailer, we interviewed a family about paranormal activity happening in their home.  Unfortunately, they moved away before we could conduct a full investigation.